Unidad Integrada de 3ºESO sobre alimentación sana

3rd year integrated project 

In language and literature, they learnt about the importance of healthy eating and the risks of eating poorly and not exercising can have. They also learnt to identify stereotypes of men and women in the media and how adverts can have a negative impact on young people´s perceptions and health.

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In English they learnt about the sociocultural aspects of diets and eating habits in different countries, focusing the difference between Spanish and British habits. They also looked at different models of lifestyles. In groups they researched the nutritional content of an unhealthy snack or drink then created a survey to compare different age groups, by asking how often people consumed the product and their thoughts and perceptions on it. They presented their research on a poster and included a healthy alternative.

In French they learnt about the physical and political geography of France. They also learnt about cultural differences between regions in France and different French cuisine and nutrition. They worked collaboratively to create a document with information about each region.

In history and geography, they learnt about the primary sector and its impacts on the environment. They also learnt about the inequality of food production and consumption around the world as well as the problem of hunger and malnutrition. They worked in groups to create posters about the types and models of farming and their impacts, with key words in English, that they combined with work they did in biology to create a wall mural.

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In biology they learnt about the different nutrients and their function in the body. They learnt about healthy eating habits based on the food wheel and compared the Spanish food wheel with the British model. They created a large food wheel in Spanish and English that formed the centre of the wall mural they finished in geography and history. As a group activity they made videos about healthy Mediterranean based recipes and included variations for special diets such as a celiac diet or compared how the recipe would vary between a developed and underdeveloped country.


Logo Néstor Almendros GraduaciónEl próximo viernes 31 de mayo en el Auditorio Rafael León de Tomares se celebrará el acto de Graduación del alumnado de Bachillerato de Régimen General. Debido al gran número de alumnos y para favorecer un mayor número de accesos a las familias, el acto se va a realizar en dos partes:

19:30 Acto de graduación del alumnado de Bachillerato de la Modalidad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales.Hasta las 20:45.

21:00 Acto de graduación del alumnado de Bachillerato de la Modalidad de Ciencias.

El alumnado de 2º de Bachillerato de ambas modalidades permanecerá en el Auditorio durante todo el acto, al finalizar el acto de la modalidad de humanidades y ciencias sociales (2º C y D) las familias de estos abandonarán el auditorio para dejar entrar a las familias del alumnado de la modalidad de ciencias (2º A y B).

La comunidad educativa del IES Néstor Almendros quiere celebrarlo con el alumnado de Bachillerato que llega al final de su etapa formativa en nuestro centro y con sus familias, y les da la enhorabuena a todos ellos por el esfuerzo realizado para completar sus estudios.

Les deseamos a todos mucha suerte en sus nuevas etapas, ya sean profesionales o académicas, y les agradecemos que hayan contando con nosotros para formar parte de su camino.